Companies can no longer afford to ignore the ethical ramifications of their products. The days of reckless tech need to come to an end.

Taking time to consider the ethical consequences behind decisions is necessary. There’s just too much at stake today with the complexity and reach of our accelerating, technological advances. There’s also the fact that we often don’t know what we don’t know…until it’s too late. We are at a point where technology is advancing so quickly that governing bodies cannot keep up. Any regulation we see today seems to happen after the fact, when the damage has already been done. While “regulation” may sound scary to companies, it has its place in society for a reason. If the government cannot catch up, then companies themselves need to shoulder some ethical responsibility and regulate themselves.


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See why designers ought to prioritize ethics and how we're best positioned for paving the way in our companies.

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Learn about schools of thought in philosophy, how they can be applied to ethical design, and what makes a product or experience good.

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Apply the Intents/Results paradigm to the design process for a refreshed design process that incorporates ethical thought.

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Learn what it takes to keep the ethical design practice at the forefront of your product team's priorities.