Why Should Designers Care?


As designers, we have fought tooth and nail for a seat at the table. Some of us are still fighting the good fight. We are fighting because we realize the impact of our work. We are fighting because we know that we can exact measurable improvements. We are fighting because we believe that human-centered decision making is of utmost importance.

And what is more human-centric than making ethical choices that will ultimately help users and society at large?

E xcerpt from John Maeda’s    Design in Tech Report 2018

Excerpt from John Maeda’s Design in Tech Report 2018


Designers have the privilege (and burden) of wielding a lot more power than we ever had in the existence of our profession. Now and even more so in upcoming years, we will be designing products that have the ability to dramatically influence millions of users. In John Maeda's Design in Tech Report 2018, we see that the important design decisions of the future will be focused around incredibly advanced technology that, depending on its application, can save countless lives or wreak havoc. Our unlicensed influence as designers has been compared to that of licensed doctors and lawyers. With that amount of power comes an enormous amount of responsibility as well.